el cartel de una licitacion

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    Hello everyone.

    I am translating a telecommunications law, and have run into difficulties.

    This is under the article entitled "Recursos."

    El recurso de objectación contra el cartel de una licitación publica o abreviada se interpondrá ante la Administración, dentro del primer cuarto del plazo para presentar ofertas.

    Is that enough information provided to get some help?
  2. ILT

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    Hi SilentSwirl:

    Let me try:

    The objection recourse against the public or abbreviated auction call will be filed before the Administration within the first fourth/quarter of the term stipulated for the reception of offers.

    I've never heard the word objetación/objectación before, and since it is not in RAE, I don't know where it is used, but I'm assuming it means objeción, which we translate as objection, I think :confused:
  3. SilentSwirl New Member

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    Thank you :)

    So "el cartel" you are translating as "call"? I've been translating "licitacion publica" as "public bidding" (and the people I'm doing the translation for said that's what they want).

    I still don't understand what "el cartel" means in this sense, and where it fits with the translation, and whether I can just leave it out??

    Thank you so much!!
  4. ILT

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    Public bidding sounds perfect, yes, and cartel is not the term we use in México, but I'm actually guessing it means the document itself. Look at RAE's definition of cartel:
    1. m. Lámina de papel u otra materia en que hay inscripciones o figuras y que se exhibe con fines noticieros, de publicidad, etc.

    It includes other definitions too, but none of them applicable to your text.
  5. krolaina

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    ILT, maybe you use "tablón de anuncios" instead of "cartel"?. In Spain we talk about "edictos" (edits/proclamations). And they are published in a "tablón de anuncios" (notice board). Could it be?
  6. vikingo45 Member

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    Hi SilentSwirl and all:

    Sorry that I am a little late on the scene, but I have been looking around for a good term for "cartel" when used in the bidding or licitación process, and I found this. Though it might be useful for future foreros looking for the same.

    Cartel = Bidding specifications

    Best regards,
  7. Polyglotlizotte Senior Member

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    Thank you for your contribution. You've been a great help!! :)

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