El corazón tiene razones que la razón no entiende.

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  1. Autumnsea Member

    Hola a todos,

    que significa esta oración?

  2. charisma_classic

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    The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.
  3. Autumnsea Member

    Thank you, could you nicely explain it a bit more?
    I guess the second 'reason' is not the same as the first one?
  4. Lola-Mocha

    Lola-Mocha Member

    USA English
    I think it means that:

    The heart has reasons that the brain does not understand.

    It's similiar to when people say 'Do you think with your heart, or do you think with your mind?'

    The heart's reasoning is very sentimental, or emotional.

    The brain's reasoning is generally practical or logical.

    Because the thinking methods (or thought processes) of the two parts of the body are so different, they conflict with each other.

    Please keep in mind that this is purely metaphorical. As far as medicine or anatomy is concerned, a person's heart isn't set up to think for that person. But the heart has symbolized love, compassion, emotion, understanding, and related feelings in various cultures.

    Hope that helps..

  5. charisma_classic

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    Lola has it exactly! It is a play on two different meanings of reason: a cause for doing something and the logic behind doing something.
  6. JaimeUy Senior Member

    Castellano, Uruguay
    La frase es de Blaise Pascal. Así que la pueden encontrar en Francés y, seguramente, en inglés si buscas en Google.
    Sobre el significado, coincido con los anteriores: “El sentimiento no es lógico”.
  7. Autumnsea Member

    Wow now I understand!
    Thank you all a lot for the exllent explanations:D


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