el dolor es temporal, la transformación es permanente

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  1. svetlanacr New Member

    me pudieran ayudar a traducir esta frase :)
  2. maxpapic Senior Member

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    "The pain is temporary, (but/and) the transformation is permanent."
  3. Yaneth Senior Member

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    Just a thought: if this is referring to something specific, I would use the article. (For example, if this is referring to the pain of, say, a cosmetic treatment, and the pain of the procedure is specific and finite, I would go with "The pain is temporary, but the transformation is permanent.") I'm guessing, though, that this has a more aphoristic sense - in which case I'd drop the article (and, for stylistic reasons, the conjunction) to say "Pain is temporary; transformation is permanent."
  4. babybackribs Senior Member

    De acuerdo con Yaneth con respeto al uso del artículo:
    Supongo que no debemos usarlo pero necesitamos más contexto...

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