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I have heard that Madrileños call their city 'el foro'.

Does anyone know if this nickname is ever used in English? If so is it translated to 'the Forum'?

Also, do other parts of Spain use 'el Foro' as a nickname for Madrid or is it just local?

Thank you.
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  • I guess it's because is at the geographic centre of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as it being the city where the political power is located.

    But best wait for some other better learned forero to give you a better explanation.

    Saludos, t.
    Biffo, I have never heard that nickname for Madrid. Could you please give us a context? The explanation given by Turi could be appropriated.

    He encontrado esto en "Yahoo respuestas"

    Es una especie de broma de doble sentido, comparando la capitalidad de Madrid con Roma y el Foro romano, que es donde se decidían los destinos del Imperio Romano.
    Se llama por derivación foro al lugar donde se discuten los asuntos de interés económico, político e histórico, que afectan al funcionamieno de un pais.
    Los "castizos" fueron probablemente, los que sacando de algún discurso en cuya oratoria se empleó la palabreja, los que hicieron popular la denominación de "Foro" aplicada a Madrid como depósito geográfico del poder a nivel nacional y en otros tiempos colonial.
    Te sugiero que te mires la página que pongo a continuación, en la que, contínuamente se refieren en cantidad de artículos a Madrid como el "Foro".
    Un saludo.
    Source: http://www.madridcastizo.com/madrid.php
    I was born in Madrid city and we say we come from "el Foro". I don´t know the reason why nor whether it could be translated into English as 'the Forum' but I wouldn't do it.
    I don´t think it is a nickname for Madrid, I think it´s something local.

    I also come from Madrid and I knew it is called "el Foro", but it´s a long time since I haven´t heard it, which means it´s not commonly used outside Madrid (I haven´t lived there for quite a few years now). To me it sounds like something we said in the 80s, the years of the "movida".
    I suppose "the Forum" is an accurate translation, as long as it suggests the old Roman gathering place and centre of things.
    Thank you very much everyone. I won't use it but if I see it I'll understand.