El hombre es el lobo del hombre

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  1. Qué significa esta frase en inglés? "El hombre es el lobo del hombre"

    Es una frase de Hobbes.

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    si es que la entiendo correctamente, puede ser "a man is his own enemy"
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  4. aah sí, lo entiendo. muchas gracias a uds!
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    The sentence is quoted by Hobbes, but it is much more ancient than that; we find it in the Asinaria of Plautus as homo homini lupus.

    In context in Hobbes, we find these sentences:
    Hobbes had earlier noted that the Romans rejected the idea of having a king, because they thought kings were like ravenous beasts -- but that there was no beast more dangerous, and more given to eating up other nations, than the Roman state, even without a king.

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