el juzgado letrado de familia de 20º turno


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Excuse me - I know nothing about legal terms and am having trouble understanding what the "de 20º turno" means in this sentence:

"..tramitados ante el juzgado letrado de familia de 20º turno"

Can anybody help me please?
  • Tobi

    Mexico, Spanish
    Hi Lynne
    My translation is "... tramited before the Family Court of the 20th turn"
    perhaps somebody would polish it.


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    New Zealand - English
    Thanks Tobi - appreciate your time.
    I'm not sure what the 20th turn means, but that's probably my ignorance of legal terms in English as well as Spanish! :p
    Thanks again..


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    Spanish, Uruguay
    HI Lynne, I'm also struggling with that translation. The word 'turn' is because in some countries (at least in Uruguay) we have for example 20 judges in the criminal court and each one has a different 'turn' or shift, and in that way some cases are assigned to the Criminal Judge in 3rd Turn, or 5th Turn, etc. I had to translate that to American English and I was told to translate it as 'Turn' for example, Federal Court --- in 20th Turn. I don't know how to translate 'de familia' because I'm dealing with Criminal issues; but letrado is 'federal' and turno 'Turn'.
    (Letrado is also translated as 'learned' but it is old fashioned)
    Good luck!
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