el maestro domina su materia

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  1. elialore Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Hello, I hope someone can help me translate this:

    El maestro domina su materia

    My try: The teacher is good at his/her subject.
    Also: The teacher is an expert

    However, in Spanish that means that the teacher is good (el maestro es bueno) or an expert. I'm looking for something that in English refers to the teacher being in perfect control of the subject he or she teaches.

    Thanks so much...
  2. SDLX Master

    SDLX Master Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Spanish - Peru
    The teacher masters his/her subject.
  3. Gran Pepo Senior Member

    Uruguay, spanish
    Hola Elialore,

    Yo diría "The teacher masters his/her subject".

    Pero espera alguna otra sugerencia.


  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Totalmente de acuerdo con GP y SDLX:
    The teacher masters his/her subject.
    The teacher is a master of his/her subject.
  5. Philippa

    Philippa Senior Member

    Britain - English
    I'd say 'The teacher is an expert in his/her subject/subject area'.
    Philippa :)
  6. elialore Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Thanks everybody for their inputs. It's all been really helpful. With the help of this forum I'm becoming an expert in English :)

    Well, maybe one day. Thank you.

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