el medio - cultural, social

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  1. jotamatrix Senior Member

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    hello again

    sometimes, in Spanish we speak of "el medio" to talk about the cultural, social, etc. environment of a region, country, etc.

    in that sense, i came across the following sentence:
    Este evento es una importante instancia de vinculación con el medio.

    the event constitutes an important instance to link/connect with the...?

    can anyone suggest an equivalent term in English?
    thanks people!
  2. Aritul

    Aritul Senior Member

    Atmosphere comes to mind, but in English you would definitely need some kind of adjective to clarify what you mean. You couldn't say, "The event constitutes an important instance to link connect with the atmosphere."

    Can you provide more context for the sentence?
  3. Carlos Mx

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    Mexican Spanish
    Te has contestado a ti mism@. El término más adecuado es environment.

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