El moñigo y El mochuelo


Hello! So I'm doing a translation and it also has an exercise related to it. I just finished the translation —a short text— from Miguel Delibes. The issue is, all that's left for me is to translate the title. It sounds ridiculous, but yeah, I started with the text first. The text talks about two friends standing on a high place and admiring the beauty of a valley.

The title of that text is "Roque, El Moñigo y Daniel, El Mochuelo"

In the exercise related to this text there's a true/false question that says "Although it’s practically impossible to translate El Moñigo and El Mochuelo to English and give them the same feel and meaning they have in Spanish, they should be translated." It appears that this is false (the correct choice).

Now, with this premise, does that mean that I should leave the title as it is? I mean, something like: "Roque, the Moñigo and Daniel, the Mochuelo"

It kinda confuses me because I'm not sure if I am supposed to translate the title as well, given that statement in the question of that associated exercise.

Nevertheless, moñigo in Spanish means excrements. While mochuelo is just a small owl.

I suppose the title would be something like "Roque, the Scum/Turd/Cowpat and Daniel, the Little Owl" ?

Thank you!
  • Lee Ann Sosa

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    I think you should leave the title as you have it: "Roque, the Moñigo and Daniel, the Mochuelo", because any translation would not do justice to the feeling of the title, hence the correct answer to the question is "false".