El que no tiene hechas, no tiene sospechas

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  1. mayadebij New Member

    Can anyone please translate "el que no tiene hechas ,no tiene sospechas" into English

  2. Argoss Senior Member

    I'll try (though I must admit this is the first time I hear this proverb, but I think I understand what it means):
    "You shouldn't be afraid of people suspecting you if you haven't done anything wrong."
    Another possible meaning I can think of is "Someone who has never done anything wrong wouldn't suspect of others doing it either."
    They're just my guesses, though, and I can't think of an English equivalent, but I hope it helps.
  3. mayadebij New Member

    Thanks a lot yes this is very helpful. I don't know if it's a proverb either it was just a guess.
    But you have been a great help.

  4. Argoss Senior Member

    My pleasure!
  5. mayadebij New Member

    Argoss I think you have given the meaning behind the words given it was a proverb right?
    Would you be so kind to also translate it literally?

  6. Argoss Senior Member

    Sure, I'll try, though you must bear in mind that the word hechas, which is used as a noun here, is not a real word, I mean, you wouldn't hear it as a noun in that sense in everyday Spanish.
    Ok, here it goes: "he who has no 'things done'* has no suspicion". I know it sounds VERY weird in English, but it's a literal translation.
    (*'things done' = (cosas) hechas; we could presume it's 'bad things done')

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