el remate de una vida (Football/Soccer)

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  1. HuanManwe

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    How could I say "el remate de una vida"?
    The word "remate" is used when you try to score a goal. Notnecessarily with a foot or the head.

    "de una vida" means something like "a lifetime opportunity".
  2. juandiego

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    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    Tal vez por mantener un poco el doble sentido que parece tener el original en español: the hit of his life.
  3. katlpablo

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    "el remate de una vida"

    "the shot of a lifetime" ?
    "the round off shot of a lifetime" ? (Football/Soccer vocabulary)
  4. Avispero

    Avispero Senior Member

    if he missed the shot, it was "a golden opportunity"

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