El-Sisi السيسي‎‎ - سيسي

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by akhooha, Jul 10, 2013.

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    شكراً يا بكر على ردّك السريع ــ أوّل مرّة شفت العبارة افتكرت ان فيه إحتمال هي جايه من الكلمة الإنجليزية
    "sissy" ....
    thank you for enlightening me.
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    Some opponents use it against him!
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    because his name is like "sissy"??
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    Almost the same pronunciation.
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    Interesting --- so I wasn't as far off the mark as I'd thought.....
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    All's fair in love and war.
    Maybe we are off topic!
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    Excuse me, Bakr, but your imagination went a bit far. The demonstrators/protestors are simply using the man's name and I bet you most of them -if not all- don't even think of the English word.
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    Nevertheless, one must admit that the name Al-Sisi is an unusual one. I've never heard or seen it before. Recently on this forum, someone suggested that Al-Morsi might ultimately come from the name of the Spanish city MURCIA. I wonder if Al-Sisi might also have an interesting origin. I checked around the usual internet sites and didn't come up with anything. Thanks.
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    It's not unusual in Egypt. But I don't know to which place or thing it's attributed.
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    Some people use it to make fun of him, not with the English word in mind, rather with the Egyptian dialect expression:
    شاب سيس
    which is probably originally from Turkish (I vaguely recall someone mentioning that -siz in turkish means something is missing, like ناقص?)
    I can't remember how they made fun of it in that context but someone wrote a crack about it once.
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