1. Dwain Tremayne Member

    North Carolina
    USA English
    Hello friends,
    What does "tenampa" mean? I saw this word on a sign here in North Carolina. I believe it is Mexican spanish.
  2. fsabroso

    fsabroso Moderadiólogo

    South Texas
    Perú / Castellano

    It is a Mexican place in Veracruz, east of Mexico.
    Also there is a mexican musical band with that name, and a restaurant.
  3. eesegura Senior Member

    Kansas City, Missouri
    It sounds like the name of a restaurant or cantina. The name may be derived from a location, there is a town by that name in Mexico (maybe the owner's home town). It probably does not translate to anything else in another language.
  4. typhoid Member

    North Carolina, USA
    English (American)
    Qué casualidad.

    I'm from North Carolina too, and I actually just saw that sign and was wondering about it.

    The building said it was a night club. I never thought there would be a thread about it!
  5. omarbravochivas New Member

    Does anyone know of the song from Cornelio Reyna Me sacaron del Tenampa?
    "Ah cuantas veces me sacaron del tenampa
    ya bien borracho y con un nudo en la garganta
    voy por la calle cantando mis canciones
    y los mariachis van pisando mis talones..."

    In this context it sounds like a bar or night club, although I do agree that it is a place in Veracruz Mex.

    ¡ Que sigamos cantando !

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