1. sirgawain Senior Member

    madrid, spain
    english/usa - living in madrid
    "El TIKI-TAKA arrolla" - se refiere a la victoria del equipo de fútbol español contra los de Rusia.

    ¿Qué significa TIKI-TAKA?

  2. sayah Senior Member

    Lawrence, KS
    Spain. Spanish

    Es el mote que le puso un locutor a la selección española en el último mundial, porque el juego español se caracteriza por dar muchos toques antes de llegar al área del equipo rival.

  3. elirlandes

    elirlandes Senior Member

    Dublin & Málaga
    Ireland English
    Tiki-taka is a phrase used (to death) by a commentator called Andrés Montes during the last world cup. His channel (la Sexta) was a relatively new channel and they were using the World Cup as a way to increase viewership. Montes was much better known for doing NBA commentary late at night. He has a very particular style, including bow-tie, shaven head and a real motor-mouth commentary with lots of shouting and little funny phrases. He would use tiki-taka to mean "good football" or "touch football", with entertaining quick passing. Most people either love him or cannot stand him.

    El tiki-taka arrolla = stylish football wins the day
    ...but I would say that this is a translation from "Montes-speak" rather than Spanish...
  4. Marxelo

    Marxelo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Castellano Rioplatense
    Es gracioso. Hay un juego llamado así que consiste en hacer chocar dos bolas entre sí, y se llama tiki-taka.

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