el uso del tiempo libre

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  1. Flaumiger Senior Member

    U.S., English
    ¿Es incorrecto decir "el uso del tiempo libre"?
  2. SDLX Master

    SDLX Master Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Spanish - Peru
    No, it is not. The phrase makes perfect sense in Spanish.
  3. Xali Senior Member

    Mexico Spanish
    Hola Flaumiger:

    Coincido con SDLX Master, la frase es correcta.
  4. sanxuan Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    There are two problems. First, where are you going to insert those words?, and the second, What are you trying to say in English.
    All that would help.
    What about posting a whole sentence and a translation for it?
  5. mariamita New Member

    ¿Me podrian decir como seria "uso del tiempo libre" en inglés?
    Muchas gracias
  6. Xali Senior Member

    Mexico Spanish
    Hola Mariamita: Bienvenida al foro y recuerda que si das algo de contexto puedes recibir ayudar más acertada . Mis sugerencias:

    make use of free time
    spend free time
    use free time

    Espero que sea de utilidad y buen fin de semana.

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