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Hello everybody

As you are well aware, it is quite common to say of "elaborating on / upon something." However, I have been told that using a preposition after the transitive verb "elaborate" is absolutely stylistic and a matter of personal preference.

Here is a paragraph that uses elaborate as a transitive verb three times in one paragraph, where only the last is followed by "on". I believe the writer is quite concious of the two different usages above, and correctly applies them.

Let me provide you with an example as the forum rules requires so.

- Don't worry! I will ________ this topic in the next chapter. (Said a teacher to his students.)

a. elaborate
b. elaborate on

Just for more clarification, I would like to add another example so that others could find my meaning more easily:

- The police refused to _________ the reasons of the accident.

a. elaborate
b. elaborate on

I think both of these two options can interchange within my examples. Please do me a favor and let me know if I am right or wrong.

Thank you for your attention.
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    Constructions like "elaborated several themes" seem to be fairly common, but in general when the meaning is "discuss (in some detail)," the "on" is required.
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