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I am translating a cv, and I am not sure if the words 'eleborate' and 'strategy' go together in the following sentence:

· communication of their goals and tasks to each staff member of sales departments with the help of an elaborate company strategy for the year 2006.

I've found the phrase 'an eleborate plan', and I think that 'strategy' is similar to 'plan'. But when I searched Google for 'eleborate strategy', the results showd these words only in different phrases.
Maybe, some other words collocate with 'strategy' ?
Thank you in advance!
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    Literally, elaborate strategy is fine; elaborate means "planned or carried out with great care" (M-W). However, the word elaborate also has connotations of over-complexity, and can be meant critically. In your sentence I get a slight feeling that you are saying the strategy was more complex than it needed to be. For this reason I would not recommend it here. I would suggest "complex" instead, which is more neutral.
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