Elaine often gets hit by birds when she goes jogging

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    Tutto il testo del problema non è più a mia disposizione.
    La traduzione che mi veniva mi pareva così assurda che mi pareva errata, comunque:
    "Elaine viene spesso colpita da uccelli quando va a fare jogging."

    Il problema era di matematica su un calcolo statistico: fare una media di eventi distribuiti
    su diversi giorni.

    Per quanto riguarda il titolo se ben capisco potrebbe essere:
    "To get hit by"

    Grazie per le informazioni e i suggerimenti.


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    A quick search on the internet reveals that it is an exercise in translating a math problem. A whimsical one at that.

    As the former owner of a house with a high bird strike rate, I read hit by birds as birds accidently flying into Elaine not as their dropping bombs on her.

    However, it seems that Phil's interpretation is not only plausible, it is a more likely occurrence.


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    I read hit by birds as birds accidently flying into Elaine
    I did initially too; the English suggests it really, but then logic suggests the alternative. Since Elaine is neither an oncoming vehicle nor made of glass, those birds would have to be pretty stupid to crash into her.


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    Absent Alfred Hitchcock being the author of the math problem, I would never in a million years have thought the birds were actually flying into her!! That, to me, is absolutely absurd; and even more that it happens all the time!!! It was so ludicrous, my only alternative was that the birds were making a "bombing run" on her. But even that is relatively unlikely to happen all the time.

    I agree with tsoapm on the intelligence of the birds. Why aren't they extinct by now?



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    Being a statistics problem bird droppings can hit the
    unlucky Elaine in a random way.

    Thank you for your suggestions
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