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  1. xicede Member

    Hello - I would like some help with the english word 'cordial' in spanish. I have looked up cordial in relation to elderflower cordial in Wordreference as I've just made the first batch this season and would like to print some labels. But I think there is a little confusion with the responses ;) perhaps. Cordial in England is usually a syrupy drink made of fruit or in this case the elderflower (or sambuco - spanish?, sambucus - Latin??) where water is added. Elderflower cordial is not alcoholic (but elderflower champagne is!).

    What would be the best spanish word to use for 'cordial'? Licor? Or does this word refer more to alcoholic drinks?

    Thank you very much.
  2. turi

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    Hello xicede. cordial is just one of these words one can't get around to translate properly. so faliling that, and unless someone else has more to offer, inventive is the word. See if this thread helps: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=176131

    All the best, t.
  3. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Hello Xicede,

    Here in the States, as far as I know, a 'cordial' is always alcoholic and is somtimes refered to as a 'liqueur'.

    I believe the Spanish eqivalent of the non-alcoholic, syrupy, fruit-based beverage which you have described is:

    Best Regards,

    P.S. Just google it in (between quotation marks to get rid of any "chaff") and you can read many examples of the same.
  4. turi

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    In that case it could always be "jarabe" or "almibar", although I prefer the first, as our in-house dictionary says. It's a lot closer to "cordial" than "zumo concentrado". Perhaps "jarabe concentrado"
    Saludos, t.
  5. Miguel Antonio Senior Member

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    There is such a thing as arrope de saúco but it is more like elderberry wine, as it is made from the berries, not the flowers. :)
  6. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Our in-house dictionary also translates the British term SQUASH as
    ZUMO CONCENTRADO -- from what I understand, SQUASH and non-alcoholic fruit cordials are indistiguishable!

    (Of course, here in America, SQUASH is the vegetable, MARROW, but that is neither here nor there!)

    Isn't this quickly becoming a Gordian knot!
  7. Antpax

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    In this thread it was called "licor de saúco". I do not know very well what are we talking about, sorry, but, in my opinion, if you have to put water into the "cordial" to drink it, it would a "(zumo) concentrado de saúco", if you can drink it directly it would be "licor de saúco sin alcohol".


  8. turi

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    Hola ant. Si, en esto estoy de acuerdo. "concentrado de saúco" puede que sea la palabra correcta, así se entiende bien (que hay que mezclarlo con agua), y dinis.dinis ya no me odiará tanto........

  9. xicede Member

    Hello everyone - firstly thank you for your contributions. Talking of Gordian Knots, I'm going to make a bold decision and based on comments as well as a bit of quick research have decided to select 'jarabe de ......' for the labels with the English translation in brackets.

    It's always interesting when there is no direct translation .... I'm currently going around in circles with 'cupcakes' too having read what's been said about them in another part of the forum.

    Once again, many thanks everyone.
  10. Pen-dragon

    Pen-dragon Banned

    Spanish (European)
    Pregunta inocente:

    If Elder is "saúco", Elderflower must be "flor de saúco".

    ¿No deberíamos traducirlo, pues, como "cordial de flor(es) de saúco" o bien "licor de flor(es) de saúco" o "jarabe de flor(es) de saúco"?
  11. DoeRoo

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    "Cupcakes" son magdalenas, punto y aparte.
  12. hm393columbia New Member

    American English
    Elderflower cordial in Spanish: jarabe de sauco.
    the translation for cordial is jarabe (syrup) meaning a concentrated mix of flowers or whatever that you mix with water to drink it
  13. hm393columbia New Member

    American English
    cupcakes son magdalenas... sí y no.
    porque cuando en España oyes "cupcake" no te imaginas una madalena tradicional de toda la vida, sino una muy adornada que llamamos por su nombre inglés, cupcake

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