Elderly living-alone household" or "household of elderly people living alone

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Jin akashini

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Hi every one,

I want to ask you which phrase sounds natural:
"Elderly living-alone household" or "household of elderly people living alone".

I want to find a phrase to express the idea: a household, including only one elderly living alone.

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    Senior Member
    American English
    Since it's a heading and it will be obvious you're speaking of people, you might be able to get away with "Single Elderly Household."


    Senior Member
    English - USA
    I would use the noun form instead and use "Single Elder Household" or just "Single Elder" since the context of the heading may make it clear that each is a type of household. The word "elder" can be used in this type of context to mean "elderly person."

    Hermione Golightly

    Senior Member
    British English
    Elderly or elder is too vague unless it has been defined elsewhere. I much prefer 65+/70+. 'Elder household' sounds very odd to me. I suppose there are other categories so you don't repeat household each time.
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