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Marta Bibi Jung

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

I would like to know how to translate into English, French and Spanish the German expressions:

1) Wahlruhe (gesetzlich verordnete Wahlruhe, festgelegte Wahlruhe, Wahlkampfruhe, gesetzliche Wahlkampfruhe, Wahlkampfstille, Wahlstille)

2) Störung der Wahlruhe (parteipolitische Störung der Wahlruhe, Bruch der Wahlruhe, Verletzung der Wahlkampfruhe, Verletzung der Wahlkampfstille, Verletzung der Wahlstille)
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    Welcome to the forums, Marta Bibi Jung,

    You have posted in a monolingual forum called English Only. This is not a translation forum.

    Note, at the top of the page:

    English Only For questions involving English usage.
    If you prefer your answer in another language, please ask in the forum for that language.

    Please take a few minutes to review the forum rules: Rules/FAQ

    We require that you first consult a dictionary, if one is available for your translation requests. These are available at the top center of every forum page.

    We require background, context, and full sample sentences for each translation request, in the appropriate forum.

    Thanks for your collaboration.
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