electric - electrical piano


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Would you say: A keyboard is a kind of electric or electrical piano?

Is there any rule or explanation for the use of both adjectives?

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    I think you can use either in the same way.
    I use electric current and/or electrical appliances. I don't think there is a rule.


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    Electric seems to be the normal adjective. Electrical is more often used to mean something that is particularly concerned with electricity - such as electrical engineering,


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    In the US, musicians refer to it as an "electric keyboard." If they're introducing the musician who plays it, they might say, "...and on electric keyboard is..." half the time, they might even shorten it to just, "...on keyboard tonight is..."

    I wouldn't say either adjective is incorrect. Just different ways to express it, depending on the country, maybe.

    "Electronic Keyboard" really does encompass the whole range of different types of keyboards, that would include synthesizers and such. You couldn't go wrong by saying that.

    In casual speech, though, I would say either of your words would work.

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