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Would codice elettrico nazionale be the commonly accepted term for the regulations that describe the standard materials and practices that are to be used for wiring residences, factories, etc.?

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  • I should assume that sentences such as this (from a supplier of DVD players) are just poor translations?

    ...i picchi di tensione e le cariche elettrostatiche accumulate. L’Articolo 810 del Codice elettrico nazionale (National Electrical Code), ANSI/NFPA 70, fornisce le informazioni sulla corretta messa a terra del supporto antenna e...
    There are a few thousands hits for Codice elettrico nazionale, so I guess it's correct.

    Codice elettrico nazionale is the literal translation of National Electrical Code. However, since NEC is a US standard (issued by NFPA) for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment, it should be specified we are referring to a specific national code, otherwise the reader might be mislead to think we are referring to an Italian code.