elementos constitutivos

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    Hola. Necesito un poquito ayuda si haya alguien dispuesto.

    El traducir el término "constitutivo" es un reto; tiene muchos sentidos según el nombre que modifique, no?

    Antecedentes y apología: Me toca traducir un documento académico de 14 páginas... pero ni soy traductor profesional, ni aún aficionado (amateur), sino solo un practicante, un hispano-parlante sin escuela, cuyo aprendizaje se debe puramente a la práctica - o mejor dicho, se debe a mucha gente generosa en muchas comunidades de muchos paises sobre muchos años. Todo esto es un gran desafío.

    El contexto de la frase "elementos constitutivos" es el siguiente:

    "La mayoría de académicos e investigadores... tienden a ver estos y otros elementos constitutivos de la sociedad como separados y distintos..."

    Mi esfuerzo se me atasca al llegar a la frase indicada, tal como:

    "Most academics and researchers tend to see these and other formative elements of a cohesive society as separate and different..."


    Y muchísimas gracias.
  2. TurbidTongue Senior Member

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    Um... Legos?

    But seriously, where did that "cohesive" come from and why is it there? If those are the terms you want, it would be "these and other formative elements of society."
    What kind of things are they talking about? Could it be "building blocks"? "Elements of a society's make-up"? "Elements that compose society"?
    Your idea sounds pretty good. If you get too frustrated trying to translate "constitutivos", you can probably just leave it out altogether, since it's somewhat superfluous in that sentence, from what I can tell.
  3. aztlaniano

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    How about: .. these and other components of society ...
    And Turbid is right, "cohesive" isn't in the Spanish text.
  4. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

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    Está bien, excepto que no veo una referencia a "cohesive" en el texto original, y la frase hecha en inglés es "separate and distinct".
  5. oxidad New Member

    3 responses from 3 native English speakers... I am humbled. Thank you.

    Not to mention that each of you "caught" the editorial license I had taken -- at the request of the client (my wife) -- whenever needed in order to clarify for the internal audience of this document who won't be familiar with the context (Guatemala legal system). After seeing your reactions I'm tempted to leave it out.

    And Sprachliebhaber is also right about "separate and distinct" -- which hopefully I would have caught when I go back through to edit.

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