elevado a la x potencia

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  1. tomymalcom Senior Member

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    hi guys, anyone can help me?

    How do you say this in english?

    and X
    and X
    and X
    and X

    and so on.

  2. gurseal Senior Member

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    a con el 5 superescrito, por ejemplo, se dice "a to the fifth power"
    (Sorry, I don't know how to write a superscript on WordReference site. I tried to paste an example unsuccessfully.)
    Usamos ordinales para expresar la potencia.
    ¿Es lo que preguntabas?
  3. gurseal Senior Member

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    mas ejemplos:

    x to the second power
    y to the third power
    y to the nth power (a la x potencia = to the Nth power)
    N es el numero
    th indica ordinal
  4. jose david Member

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    hola, Gurseal: se puede decir únicamente (por ejemplo) "x to the third" o siempre hay que decir "x to the third power"? Gracias.
  5. gurseal Senior Member

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    Uh-huh. "X to the third" tambien.
  6. pelipep Senior Member

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    ¿Y si es elevado a cero?

    Por ejemplo, tres elevado a cero (3)^0.
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