elevar a escritura pública

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  1. LouZoo

    LouZoo Senior Member

    Colombia Spanish
    Help! . . . por medio de este instrumento viene a elevar a escritura pública una reforma estatutaria en la compañía en cuyo nombre habla, . . .
    How would you say this is English? Thanks!
  2. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    Since there has been no other response I'm going to start it off with some ideas:
    My attempt at translation:
    By means of this document the named company is hereby giving legally required public notice.

    I think it may be something like: a filed document (escritura pública) to make public (elevar) some event that occured in the named company. Maybe something like the company is issuing some bonds and is making the necessary public filings.
    I may be way off on this but hopefully someone with some legal training will improve it.
  3. LouZoo

    LouZoo Senior Member

    Colombia Spanish
    Thanks, scotu.
    a friend of mine sent me another meaning: to convert into a public instrument". I might use this one. LouZoo
  4. whodouthinkyouare

    whodouthinkyouare Senior Member

    To record as a notarially certified instrument
  5. the boss Banned

    to notarize
  6. Dani California

    Dani California Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Según el diccionario de la R.A.E.: Escriturar= Hacer constar con escritura pública y en forma legal un otorgamiento o un hecho.
    Luego: elevar a escritura publica= to record in a notarial instrument
    Paralelamente, to notarize=otorgar ante notario según Alcaraz y Hugues (puede ser una escritura pública u otro tipo de documento público, así un acta).
    Revisa este hilo:
  7. the boss Banned

  8. Dani California

    Dani California Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish

    - Elevar a escritura pública: to record in a notarial instrument.
    - Otorgar ante Notario: to notarise.

    Y es que no es lo mismo otorgar ante notario (p.e. un poder o un testamento) que elevar ese poder o ese testamento a escritura pública.
    Hice referencia al thread porque en él se deja ver esa diferencia.
    En el Diccionario de Alcaráz Varó y Hugues se distingue expresamente entre otorgar ante Notario (notarize) y elevar a escritura pública (convert a private contract or agreement into a public document or deed, put on record).
    En todo caso, es solo mi opinión ;).
  9. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    In Mexico one of the responsibilities of a Notary (who is a semi-public official) is to create and publically record documents like deeds, power of attorney, formations of corporations etc.
    Hitch-hiking on the previous contributions: I think a good English translation for elevar a escritura pública might be: recorded document/registered document which means to pubically record the document. In English the pubically would be implied. (a literal translation would be: raise the document to the level of a publically recorded document)

    example: Now that our corporation papers have been recorded, we can open for business.
    Now that the deed has been recorded we can legally sell (transfer) the property.
    The power of attorney has been registered, I can now act on his behalf.
  10. Lamemoor Senior Member

    Peru - Spanish

    otra forma de decir elevar a escritura pública is to record into a public deed
  11. Jaime Hidalgo Member

    Spanish Mexico
    De estoy de acuerdo con Dani,
    By the way Scotu, sounds interesting: How is a document pubically recorded?
    I know, i know...
  12. cheetrowe

    cheetrowe Senior Member

    New Jersey
    I ran into the same phrase in an Ecuadorian Power of Attorney, and I think I'm going to go with Scotu's suggestion of "register," as it seems to make the most sense in the context. I was also thinking of "make public record," but I wasn't sure...
  13. Yubelia

    Yubelia New Member

    Latin American Spanish
    I will say...to convert into a public document or deed.
  14. abogado1 Senior Member

    The concept of 'elevar a escritura pública" does not really exist in English and, even in Spanish, is a bit of a misnomer, as the fact is that when the term is used in Spanish it just means that the document is executed before a civil law notary in the form of an "escritura pública" or public deed. Therefore, I prefer saying that the modification to the bylaws is executed as a public deed.
  15. Yubelia

    Yubelia New Member

    Latin American Spanish
    Thanks for the information Abogado1. Very helpful!

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