eliminate/counteract the impact/impacts


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Hello, people. Based on the flood wall example, which verb should I use? Also, impact or impacts? Many thanks!

Many museums now use high-tech methods to reduce or even eliminate/counteract the impact/impacts of natural disasters. For example, New York City's Whitney Museum of American Art has added a state-of-the-art flood wall to protect its works from potential water damage from flooding of the nearby Hudson River.
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    I don’t think you can “eliminate impact”. Something either has an impact or doesn’t. You can reduce or increase impact though.

    Many museums now use high-tech methods to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

    Singular impact.


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    But 'reduce the impact' seems to suggest that the works still suffer some damage. How to summarize the example?
    It does imply that the building itself - and perhaps the works - might suffer some damage.

    If you don’t want to suggest this you can say:

    Many museums now use high-tech methods to protect against natural disasters.

    Does the example suggest that the flood can completely protect the works from damage?
    What you wrote does not explicitly state that the flood wall will successfully protect from all water damage.


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    "Mitigate" means make less severe, from Latin mitis, mild. "Minimize" - make as small or little as possible.


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    Yes, I agree with Abluter's definitions, but I still think both work.

    Mitigate the impact = make less severe the impact.

    Minimize the impact - make the impact as small as possible.