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Hi everybody,
Question to @mkellogg or anybody who knows the cyberworld better than I do....
If a post of yours got thrown out and for some reason you thought it was special enough (to you, anyway) that
you wanted a copy for yourself (like a poem or something) -
is there any way to retrieve it? Does it still exist in cyberspace?
And if so, how would you go about getting it?
  • Bonjules

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    Thanks for the link swift.
    So do you think it would be policy that moderators routinely cooperate in this
    (that is, sending you a copy of what they deleted) or is it totally at their
    disgression if they feel like it or not?


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    In my experience, mods will be willing to send a copy of deleted threads to their author(s) if it’s a one-off thing. If they have reasons to believe the thread starter and/or the participants are misusing the forum, they will probably behave differently.

    Deleted posts remain visible to their authors via the “show” button, and you don’t need a moderator to send you a copy. You can easily display the content of any of your deleted posts by clicking on the “show” link.


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    Yes, here in these forums, we tend to have copies of deleted and other old posts. Often a moderator can get it.

    In general, you can also try Google's cache of the page and the Internet Archive.

    If all that fails and you are really desperate, message the other people in the conversation to see if they have email notifications enabled. If so, they might have a copy in their inbox. A quick search of my email inbox found seven old posts of yours, though I highly doubt any of those are of interest to you!


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    Thanks Mike and swift!
    The 'show' button miraculously appeared ( it does not always show up and I remember seeing it only when
    I myself delete - sometimes, anyway)
    For the moment the issue is resolved!
    thanks again