Eliza sat cold, [impassable], and assiduously industrious

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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 21

Quotation:“You might have spared yourself the trouble of delivering that tirade,” answered Georgiana. “Everybody knows you are the most selfish, heartless creature in existence: and I know your spiteful hatred towards me: I have had a specimen of it before in the trick you played me about Lord Edwin Vere: you could not bear me to be raised above you, to have a title, to be received into circles where you dare not show your face, and so you acted the spy and informer, and ruined my prospects for ever.” Georgiana took out her handkerchief and blew her nose for an hour afterwards; Eliza sat cold, impassable, and assiduously industrious.

Context: Georgiana managed to overcome a young lord. "He and Miss Georgiana made it up to run away; but they were found out and stopped." It was Eliza that found them out and served as the informer.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understood the word "impassable" here. I entered the word in OED but failed to find any suitable definition. So I scrolled a little lower and found this:

impassible: Incapable of feeling or emotion; impassive, insensible, unimpressible.

Does the definition work here?
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