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    I'm translating a medical text called "Kritische Functionele Mogelijkheden Lijst". It's used to determine someone's capacity to work.
    In one of the categories it's written:
    "Frequent reiken tijdens het werk
    Beperkt, kan zo nodig tijdens elk uur van de werkdag ongeveer 450 keer reiken"
    What's the meaning of "elk uur"? Does this mean that the person can do this movement 450 times in one hour every hour of the working day? It seems a lot...

    Thanks in advance for your answer.
  2. Peterdg

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    The first question I ask myself is what they mean with "reiken". I guess we need more context for that.

    Apart from my previous remark, the sentence is ambiguous: it can mean two things:

    1) He can do the "reiken" 450 times at any time

    2) He can do the "reiken" 450 times and this for as many times as there are working hours in his day schedule.
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    "Reiken" means "to reach". In that context, it would be explained like that : you are sitting at your desk and have to grab something (a sheet of paper, a pen, etc.) away from you, but that thing is placed on your desk.
    You have to extend your arm (or even to stand up) to grab that thing.

    That movement is harmful when repeated all day long. But, 450 times in one hour, it means 7,5 times a minute; which seems quite a lot.
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    450 times an hour would not be a lot for someone working at an assembly line. In that case it would be even logical.

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