ella criaría piojos en su cabello

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Hi everybody I want to know which expression is the best.....

If Suzan didn't shampoo herself she would grow / breed lice on her hair

What I mean in spanish is:

Si Susana no se echara shampoo, ella criaría piojos en su cabello

How did I do? Any new suggestion?

Thanks in advance for your help,
  • grubble

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    British English
    "to shampoo oneself" = to wash the whole body with shampoo
    "to shampoo one's hair" = to wash only the hair with shampoo

    If Susan didn't shampoo her hair she would breed lice in it.


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    U.S. English
    I've never heard "breed lice" and I would never say it.
    "If Susana didn't wash/shampoo her hair, she would have/get (head) lice."
    And it's not true, because lice prefer clean hair.
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