Elle se dédie entièrement à

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    How do you translate :Elle se dédie entièrement à l'art africain.

    >>> It dédicate itself completly for the african art : ???

    Thanks for your futur help.
  2. Egmont Senior Member

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    What does "elle" refer to here? A store? A gallery? A person who collects art? The best English translation depends on the context.

    Whatever the exact phrase, it would be dedicates, not dedicate, and in English something is dedicated to something, not for.
  3. rubberU Member

    Gracias Egmont!
    So : The fondation dedicates to african art.
  4. tritone Senior Member

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    - If "elle" is a person:

    She dedicates herself entirely to african art.

    - If "elle" is a thing - like an art exibit - you use the passive without the reflexive word 'itself'.

    It's dedicated entirely to african art.
  5. tritone Senior Member

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    The foundation is dedicated entirely to african art.
  6. rubberU Member

    Merci Titrone!

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