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Jklm @

This is my email ID.

I want to ask whether native speakers call it the same way, i.e., an email ID.

  • HajiSahib

    Punjabi/Urdu - Pakistan
    Strange to hear that native speakers of BE don't call it an email ID.
    I'd wonder whether AE speakers also call it an email ID?
    Please can a AE speaker comment?


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    It is an email address in American English as well. New Internet terms are unlikely to be very different


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    So no native speaker (AE or BE) would call an email address an email ID?
    No, not at all. As JulianStuart notes, for many websites the email address could be your ID, but the actual email address is referred to as just that: email address (or more often simply "your email", and on occassion "address", if context has already established that you are talking about an email address, not a physical address.)
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    So no native speaker (AE or BE) would call an email address an email ID?
    Correct in my experience as well.

    Technically, an email ID is the first part of an email address (before the @) while the second part is an email domain. I can't imagine anyone getting into that level of detail unless they work for an email service provider, though. For all practical purposes, and to 99.9+ percent of the population, an email address is a single unit.
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