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Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by bobyd, Oct 14, 2009.

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    I have disabled the subscribe option on my profile but the forum keep sending me emails with "a new reply..."
    Hod do I disable that? :S
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    The forum keep sending email of your already subscribed threads. Not for the new ones.

    To disable completely, you have to go to each of your threads to stop the emailing.

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    But you don't actually have to visit every single one of your threads to unsubscribe from each individually.

    Instead, you can manage all your subscriptions at once (or at least, all those that show on one page) via your subscriptions list. Use the "notifications" box at the top right corner to check all threads, and then use the "selected threads" pull-down menu at the bottom right corner to change your notification preferences. Subscribing to a thread "through my control panel only" will eliminate future email notifications for that discussion. :)

    UPDATE (January 2014): The current version of our vBulletin forum software offers more options. If you wish to delete/remove your subscriptions entirely (as opposed to merely changing the notification setting to "through my control panel only") you can choose "delete subscription" from the "selected threads" pull-down menu. If you delete your subscriptions, not only will you stop receiving emails, these threads will also cease to appear in your "My Threads" list, regardless of whether or not there are new answers that you haven't yet read. Note that you can also use the "selected threads" menu to organize your subscribed threads into folders, etc.
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