[email]which expression is the best?


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1) For fear of your failure in reading my e-mail by any chance, I'm sending this e-mail again.

2) I am sending you an email again in case you didn't get it.

3) In case you couldn't get the mail, I send the mail again.

4) In case of your not getting the mail, I resend the mail.

I think 1) is the best one.
Soulds very polite, doesn't it?

Thanks in advance
  • cropje_jnr

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    #1 is very complicated and I had some trouble following what you were saying.
    #2 is fine. I suggest adding 'the first time' to the end for clarity's sake.
    #3 The use of the simpler version of the present isn't very idiomatic.
    #4 Same problem as 3, plus the first part doesn't work for me either.

    Conclusion: #2 is the best choice.