embargo as in press releases about a report

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    When you produce a press release for example about a piece of research that you have done or a new release of a book or a film you might set an embargo date. That means that people aren't meant to quote from the material until that time has passed.

    Looking for embargo in the dictionary and on the forum I can't find this sense of the word. How would you say it?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help

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  2. C3PO New Member

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    la expresión "periodo de carencia" creo que puede adaptarse a lo que preguntas.

    Un saludo
  3. andym Senior Member

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    Ironically a word that we originally took from Spanish...
  4. C3PO New Member

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    Se me ocurre que también podría utilizarse la expresión "salvaguarda" o "cláusula de salvaguarda"
  5. cem42 New Member

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    O "restricción temporaria"

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