embarquement managérial

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  1. ankendosh

    ankendosh Senior Member

    Has anyone heard this phrase?

    It's appeared a few times in a PPT presentation about corporate training etc.

    •Responsabilisation et embarquement de la hiérarchie

    Embarquement managérial

    It seems to be more of a catch phrase...like "Involvement"

    It's EU french.
    Anyone who can help, thanks in advance!
  2. constantlyconfused

    constantlyconfused Senior Member

    English - British
    I wonder if it means something like 'getting them on board'?
  3. ankendosh

    ankendosh Senior Member

    That was what I thought, initially, but it amounts to almost the same!
    Involved, on board, etc.
    Let's face it, often the writers of these presentations aren't exactly Emily Dickinson.
  4. dgsavoie Senior Member

    Sud Bourgogne
    French - France
    It does mean to involve them. It isn't said in what though : a huge project for instance. It also induces that the leaders accept the managers as some kind of part of them if it's leaders saying it.

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