embarquement pour l’outre-là

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  1. greygoose Senior Member

    England, English
    "Embarquement pour l’outre-là"

    Hi all,

    This is the name of a piece of music. Although names aren't translated, I need to give an idea of what it means. Can anyone explain what the author might mean by "l’outre-là"?

    Many thanks,

  2. carog Senior Member

    England - Hampshire
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    Hi GG,
    it seems the author has mixed "l'au-de" (afterlife) et "outre-mer"(overseas).
  3. CarlosRapido

    CarlosRapido Senior Member

    Québec - Canada
    français - English (Can)
    outre, as in outre-mer means over, on the other side of (overseas)
    means there

    so, on the other side of there, if that makes any sense :eek:
  4. greygoose Senior Member

    England, English
    Ah, that does makes sense now, I definitely needed the insight of a native.

    I'll have to come up with something inventive, and will post it as soon as I do!

    Many thanks!
  5. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    perhaps: "departure / setting out for a distant beyond"

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