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  • perpend

    American English
    It's too technical for me, and you need to be careful with titles, because they can come out sounding odd. So, you need someone in the IT area.

    I Googled a little, and found this, which might help others.
    ... fest in einem Gerät zu dessen Steuerung untergebrachte Software (z. B. in einem ROM), bezeichnet man als Firmware oder auch Eingebettete Software.

    If seems like "eingebettete ..." has found its way into German, but again---I am not in the know.


    Senior Member
    Deutsch (Hochdeutsch und "Frängisch")
    Is it all right to say Integrierte Software Entwickler?
    Surely not, this combination [(adjectif referring to the next noun + noun) + noun] isn't possible.
    Perhaps Entwickler von integrierter Software. (But my technical knowledge is good enough to be sure about this.)
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