embellish vs embroider (story)

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Is there any difference between embellishing and embroidering a story? To me they seem the same. I've checked in two dictionaries and they also give the same definitions.
  • dojibear

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    I see just one difference: one is a metaphor.

    "Embroider" is a verb meaning "create embroidery", a delicate, artistic form of sewing. Embroidering is sewing. When it is used about a story, it is a metaphoric use of a sewing term; it means "make the story sound fancy, the way embroidery looks fancy".

    "Embellish" can refer to decorating physical things, but its other meaning "dress up a narration with fictitious matter" has been a part of English since then 1500s (etymonline.com). It isn't a metaphor.
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