Embolsar - se embolsó en un área específica

monkey the kid

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Hello everybody!
I need help to translate "embolsar" in this entence:
"...magma caliente que se embolsó en un área específica..."
it means certain amount of magma that "got trapped" somewhere, therefore forming a bubble and, in the end, a cave.
my translation would seem like.
"...hot magma that *insert term* in a specific area..."

I'd be really thankful if you could help :)
  • monkey the kid

    Chilean Spanish
    hello again
    I've found a possible answer to my own question
    since a "magma pocket" is somewhat a bubble of magma (which is what I was looking for), I assume that "pocketed" will do fine. I'm going to use it, but would still like someone to confirm my assumptions

    thanks :)


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    This probably comes too late to help the original asker, but for future consultations, “to form a pocket” is correct.

    “To pocket” would be to put something in your pocket, literally or figuratively.

    It may be a geologist would have a more technical term for this process.


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    Hi Peter P,

    I haven’t been able to find any instances nor dictionary entries to substantiate the use of pocket as a verb with the meaning of forming a pocket, not in the context of magma nor in any other context, so if you have any please share them with us.

    Peter P

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    Hi pachanga7,
    What I understand from the text given, the said term “embolsar” is really meaning “formar un bolsón”, whose term in geology and mining is “pocket”.
    Peter P.
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