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Small talk feels phony to some, in part thanks to its embrace by salesperson types—“My motto is ‘every conversation is an opportunity for success,’ ” a networking expert (shudder) chirped to Fast Company.

(This comes from slate.com In Defense of Small Talk by Ruth Graham on Feb. 25 2016.)

Does "embrace" here mean "acceptance"? That is, salespersons accept small talk.

Thanks in advance!
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    "Accept" and "welcome" are passive: they are happy to hear others use small talk.

    Sales people "embracing" small talk includes them actively "using" it: they create small talk, and use it to create an emotional connection to the customer. Then they use this emotional connection to influence the customer to buy things.

    So they have "embraced" (adopted willingly) using small talk as a method for selling things.

    That is what feels phony to some people -- because it is phony. They aren't making small talk for the fun of it. They are doing it as a selling method.
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