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Hi all,

So a while back my friend mentioned a word which I have forgotten and she has to.
From what I remember and how I imagined it in my mind is when you run towards someone, then embrace them tightly (so you are practically squeezing them) and then possibly lift them up as well and maybe even turn around with them.

I have been googling for a while now trying to find this word and it is making me go crazy as I am unable to find or remember it.

I am hoping someone here is able to assist me?

  • Hau Ruck

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    There are way too many to list, and we are not allowed to make lists. :)

    Have you tried searching all the synonyms for "embrace"? (or any other similar word you are thinking of?)

    Welcome to the forum. :)


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    I have done so and have not found anything yet.

    The closest I have gotten was bear-hug, although that is not quite the word I am looking for. I am also taking a look at the Macmillan Dictionary.


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    Sorry for the double post - I have found the word I was looking for.

    It is not an official English word either it seems. I am sorry...

    The word was "Glomp". The best place to get the most accurate definition is most likely on Urban Dictionary (Not allowed to post links).

    Thanks for the help, although I am sorry about that. Unlikely we would have ever gotten to it if we did start listing words.


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    Hello PsyCLown - welcome to the forums!

    Thank you for teaching me the word "glomp", which I hadn't come across before, but which I rather like:).

    Since you can't yet post links yourself, here's a link to the Urban Dictionary definitions, the first of which (4854:thumbsup:, 416:thumbsdown:) is:
    NOT sexual, it is the action of one person lovingly (and dramatically) attacking another with a hug.
    A glomp is often preadatory and lies somewhere in the grey area between a caring embrace, and a flying leap to tackle someone.
    ("preadatory" should read "predatory", I expect;).)

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    Loob said it best. Thanks for exposing me to a word I'd otherwise not have learned. :)

    Glomp. Interesting.

    It someone told me they wanted to glomp (with?) me, I'd surely not have known that a hug/embrace was imminent. :)
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