embrace or hold

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In the following sentence, can I use ' holding ' or ' taking' except for ' embracing'? Does it sound idiomatic?

Print-based courses began in 1858, and since then distance learning has moved through different stages, starting with radio instruction and moving through audio-visual teaching and conferencing, to CD-based learning. Now, providers are ________ all the possibilities of the on-line world, including podcasts, blogs, and on-line forums.
  • Neither "holding" nor "taking" would work here. "Embracing" is the natural choice, although you could also say "making use of" or "adopting." However, "embracing" contains a sense of joyful welcome, which I think is what the author is trying to say - that educational providers are happily adopting on-line teaching methods.


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    If I had to fill in the blank, I would surely write "exploring". Of course, the other choices mentioned by A Little Edgy are also very good.
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