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Hello friends,

I wrote a sentence I wonder if it is correct to use figuratively. I looked in my dictionary, but I didnt see any usage of this way of the word.

The calligraphy was designed by H. Kutlu and embroidered (or painted / written) with 23 grad gold leaves by the calligraphic painter S. Irtes on the walls of the mosque.

I am also not sure to say calligraphic painter and if you have any idea please share with me :)
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    Well, how was the writing done? Was it first carved and then later covered with gold?
    My initial reaction is that laying down gold leaf is called "gilding," but if it was done by a painter them I'm not as sure.

    I would call someone who does calligraphy a calligrapher.


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    I don't know much about technique, but I think it is first written and then embellished with gold leaves. Besides this is my another alternative sentence :

    All the calligraphies designed by Huseyin Kutlu were embroidered and embellished with 23 grad gold leaves by Semih Irteş on the walls and dome of the mosque.

    I think there is no carving method, but I am not very sure. This is the only picture the calligraphy is seen so closely. When I was there, I didnt look it to understand its technique :( I don't remember so well, but It didn't seem to me as if it was carved.


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    If you check the WRD for embroidery you will see that it's literal meaning is "needlework,"' which I don't think you want here.

    You also will see that the figurative meaning of embroidery is "embellishment" and thus your suggestion is redundant.


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    As a needlewoman, I am quite sure that this is definitely not embroidery. (Thank you for the picture.)

    As sdgraham pointed out, a figurative meaning of embroider is "embellish". I think there may be some confusion between the literal and figurative meanings in your text; the figurative one would not apply here.


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    In Turkish, we have a word to refer 'to embellish something with a design'. We use it in a very wide aspect and it is not technical, but just an emphasize to create something with additional, beautiful art-works so I just thought, may be, I can use this word for the same meaning.

    Thanks for your help :) but I want to ask you if there is such a word refers to the meaning I want.
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