embroiled surf

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But what the builders weren't able to destroy is my memory of the place: the morning walks across the brief front lawn with cup of coffee in hand, the welcoming of the bank swallows back for spring, the sheer drama of the sights from my study window: white gannets diving into white embroiled surf, humpback whales breaching, a great wild bluff being lashed by winter winds.

From Let there be night by Paul Bogard

How can I imagine the scene associated with “embroiled surf”?

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2019

em•broil (em broil), v.t.

1.to bring into discord or conflict;
involve in contention or strife.

2.to throw into confusion;

embroiled - WordReference.com Dictionary of English
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    The surf is not breaking in a regular way, one wave after another in succession. The waves are striking the coastline rapidly from different angles so that it looks as though they (the waves) in conflict with each other.
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