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    I'm translating a recipe and I am not sure about the following extract. Its a recipe for Revoltillo de arroz. If I have already diced the sobrasada sausage and the morcilla/black pudding and fried it, what is embutido referring to? Among the ingredients are other meats (pork, rabbit, chicken, etc) but the only sausage there are is the sobrasada and morcilla... Can anyone help?

    "Se corta en dados Ia sobrasada y en rodajas finas Ia morcilla. Se pone aceite en una cazuela y se procede a freír toda Ia carne, hasta que se dore. Se retira Ia carne de Ia cazuela y en el aceite sobrante se sofríe Ia cebolla picada, los ajos machacados, el perejil trinchado y el embutido, junto con los tomates pelados y triturados."

  2. Pannadol

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    It's probably stuffing, or some other mix. By the looks of it, it's one of those nouns that is based of a verb. For example when you call someone darling, you say "querido" which literally means "loved". I would imagine this is a similar situation, being based off the word embutir: http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=embutir

    In fact there's already an entry for embutido saying it means "sausage" so I guess it would be some form of mixed meat in order to get across the embutir aspect. http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=embutido
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    In Spanish, "embutido" is a generic word that refers to the cured pork, like sausage, chorizo, ham, chopped, mortadela or salami.
    In this case, the recipe refers to the "sobrasada" (delicious chorizo from Mallorca) and the "morcilla" (similar to chorizo but more strong and tasty, typical of Burgos).

    (Remember that "embutir" means to cram a bag with stuffing.)

    Saludos, panda
  4. panda08 Senior Member

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    hmm, that had crossed my mind but then what would the stuffing be? All the other ingredients are used elsewhere in the recipe and it seems to come out as a big platter, similar to a paella, so I can't see that there's anything there to stuff?? :confused:
  5. Argónida

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    Embutido es cualquier producto cárnico que está metido en una tripa y se ha dejado curar dentro: chorizo, salchichón, morcilla, morcón, etc.

    En la receta que propones, efectivamente los únicos embutidos que aparecen son la morcilla y la sobrasada. Interpreto que primero se frie la carne (el cerdo, el conejo, el pollo...), la retiras y en ese mismo aceite fries la cebolla, el ajo, el perejil, la morcilla, la sobrasada y los tomates.
  6. panda08 Senior Member

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    Thanks Carzante, but hasn't the morcilla and sobrasada already been fried? Do you then lightly fry it again mixed with the tomatoes?
  7. panda08 Senior Member

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    Gracias, Argonida! That would make sense.
  8. roseruf

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    Yes, you do. Then the oil acquires the flavor of the “embutido”. This procedure is very common and some kinds of chorizos are specially recommended for being fried. And morcilla is usually eaten fried… there are other kind of sausage very similar but cooked called “butifarra negra”. Mmmmm…. this receipt sounds very tasty!:p
  9. alacant

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    It means that at that point you add both the sobrasada y morcilla, cos you didn't I hope put them in when you put the meat in!

    Cheers, A

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