emergency turnaround area


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I'm trying to find a good translation for the American English term "emergency turnaround area". This is the strip (usually gravel or dirt) that crosses the median (center) of a divided highway and designated for police and emergency vehicles only. It is for changing direction into the opposite lanes of traffic. Sometimes the police will also monitor traffic there with their radars on.
My try "lugar en la mediana par cambiar el rumbo" or maybe
"camino de acceso entre los carriles"?
Thanks much.
  • juandiego

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    Hi worldspeak.
    Not literal translation but I suggest something like:
    Cambio de sentido restringido para/a emergencias
    Cambo de sentido is the standard way we call to change direction to the opposite.
    Restringido is also used in traffic terminology to convey limited to whatever.