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    Hello again,

    there seems to be a mismatch between what different books say about the Imperative (Emir kipi), for example, according to my primers and manuals,

    "gitmek" - (2 pers. singular) - Git!
    "okumak" - --//-- - Oku!
    "başlamak" - --//-- - Başla!" etc

    But my dictionary says it should be "gidin" (Ikinci şahıs, tekil) and "gidiniz" (Ikinci şahıs, çoğul) while my primer says "gidin" is the same as "gidiniz", "gidin" allegedly being a short form of "gidiniz". The plural forms "...iniz,...unuz" etc cause no problem to me, but as for "git" vs "gidin", which one should be used?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Your dictionary has it wrong. The root of the verb is always the imperative form for the 2nd person singular. Therefore:

    Git! (Thou)
    Gidin! (You) = Gidiniz (You)

    the -iniz forms are used only in written language.
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    Thanks a lot for clearing it up for me, Rallino. My dictionary screws up again, my textbooks are full of typos. None can be trusted.

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