Emirati Arabic: Terms of Endearment between Family Members

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    I'm looking for Arabic terms of endearment (UAE Arabic, if it makes a difference) between family members. Particularly, I'm looking for examples from:

    • A (young teenage) daughter to her mother
    • A mother to her daughter
    • A daughter to her (maternal) grandfather

    Again, if it helps, I am writing a story and these characters are of an aristocratic class. Romanisations would also be very helpful!

    For the last example, I've found "jeddo" via Google. However, not being an Arabic speaker, I can't confirm how natural that sounds! As such, input from native speakers would be most helpful.

    Thank you :)
  2. ayed

    ayed Senior Member

    Sons to mother and father

    My mom (Ammaya)

    My dad (Aboy)

    May I redeem you(ya3lni fdaak)

    May I redeem your own eyes(ya3lni fdaa 3oonik)

    My mom, the dearest and sweetest one in the whole world (ya aghla wa aHlaa umm fi al-dunia)

    If parents are absent, a boy or a daughter asks:

    Where is my dad(babah)

    Where is my mom(mamah)


    Mom to son:

    My father(aboy: implies "my beloved son")

    May I redeem you, my son

    Dad to daughter

    My daughter(benayyteeh)

    Hope this helps you
  3. Tyson786 Member

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    Hi , can I ask a question about these words etc terms of endearment !

    Would they be used all over the gulf or Yemen or at least understood everywhere ?
  4. Peace123 Member

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    I think they would be understood anywhere in the gulf at least. You could use other famous or familiar words in the gulf at general that aren't that much different.
  5. Tyson786 Member

    English - uk
    Thanks for the reply :)

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