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I'm looking for Arabic terms of endearment (UAE Arabic, if it makes a difference) between family members. Particularly, I'm looking for examples from:

  • A (young teenage) daughter to her mother
  • A mother to her daughter
  • A daughter to her (maternal) grandfather

Again, if it helps, I am writing a story and these characters are of an aristocratic class. Romanisations would also be very helpful!

For the last example, I've found "jeddo" via Google. However, not being an Arabic speaker, I can't confirm how natural that sounds! As such, input from native speakers would be most helpful.

Thank you :)
  • ayed

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    Sons to mother and father

    My mom (Ammaya)

    My dad (Aboy)

    May I redeem you(ya3lni fdaak)

    May I redeem your own eyes(ya3lni fdaa 3oonik)

    My mom, the dearest and sweetest one in the whole world (ya aghla wa aHlaa umm fi al-dunia)

    If parents are absent, a boy or a daughter asks:

    Where is my dad(babah)

    Where is my mom(mamah)


    Mom to son:

    My father(aboy: implies "my beloved son")

    May I redeem you, my son

    Dad to daughter

    My daughter(benayyteeh)

    Hope this helps you


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    Hi , can I ask a question about these words etc terms of endearment !

    Would they be used all over the gulf or Yemen or at least understood everywhere ?


    Arabic - UAE
    I think they would be understood anywhere in the gulf at least. You could use other famous or familiar words in the gulf at general that aren't that much different.
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